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When details matter.

Wednesday, 31 August, 2016 - 12:39 am

As I sit here working on the back-end of our website with Rabbi Yosef, we notice how a mistake in one place can have effects in many different areas of the content. It can be a small and seemingly meaningless mistake, but that only makes it harder to find and correct.

This got me thinking about the upcoming month of Elul, the month when we are supposed to make a "cheshbon Hanefesh" -a soul accounting- of our last year.

Why are our actions not up to par?  Why do we feel like we can give more to the world, but we haven't yet?

Oftentimes, the solution is in the back-end of our "programming". Looking into the details of who we are, how we react under pressure, and how we treat our families may give us the answers we seek.  If we can find the small detail in our character that needs correcting, our whole system can suddenly become aligned. With this alignment, we will be able to reach our true potential and be positive influences on our families and surroundings.

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