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No atheists in the foxhole... nor on the dance floor!

In this week’s Torah portion, we find G-d’s command to Moses to make two silver trumpets which would be blown by the Jewish people in the temple. The Torah tells us to blow it at a time of trouble (war) as well as a time of joy (salvation).

While we unfortunately do not yet have the third holy temple in Jerusalem, we still have a lesson to learn from this mitzvah. 

A trumpet call represents an essential call of the soul. We often trumpet (cry out) to G-d in times of pain and trouble. When we are in the foxhole, it is natural and cathartic, and most importantly, G-d responds to our trumpet call.

But at times of joy, when everything is going smoothly, we forget to give praise. When everything is normal, we don’t even notice that there is anything to be grateful for, as the normalcy is our baseline. Being on the dance floor with no care in the world, means that we aren’t truly appreciating the glory of the moment, we are just being mellow.

Even when we remember to be grateful in the positive moments, we may feel slightly awkward discussing the uncomfortable subject of “G-d”.

The Torah comes to teach us that we should trumpet our thanks, even when everything is normal and mellow. When we are proud of our gratitude, it inspires others to do the same. Give thanks for all the good things you have in life, and be loud about it!

Wishing you many good things to be loudly grateful for!

Shabbat shalom!❤️


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