About Our Community

Top 5 attributes of the city of Bellingham:

1)     The People: We are a small and very diverse community yet we are continuously growing in our participants and activities and programs. We take pride in being a warm and welcoming community; looking after each other and celebrating in each others happy times and G‑d forbid sad times.

2)     The Center: The Rohr Center for Jewish Life–Chabad in Bellingham, is your source for everything Jewish in Whatcom county. It is a home to many hundreds of local residents who look to have a sense of community and participate in a broad spectrum of communal activities. Open 365 days of the year. We welcome Jews from all backgrounds regardless of their religiosity.

3)     Our Programs & Services: We encourage you to browse through the website and discover the broad spectrum of programs and services we offer our community. Learn about who we are and how we can facilitate your educational needs, social wants, spiritual reliance and support and simply help make your life more efficient and enjoyable.

4)    Western Washington University: With an estimated 600 Jewish students studying at the university, we are the Jewish student Center at WWU. Located right across the street from the Ridgeway dorms, we take pride in serving the Jewish needs Jewish Viking community. We feel as though the Jewish students at WWU are our children, and we'd do anything to help them grow into better individuals both intellectually and spiritually (and sometimes physically too! :) ).

5)    Scenery, local parks, & recreation: Bellingham is home to beautiful scenery and hiking routes, and is known as the trail city. It has many beautiful parks, you don’t have to walk more than 5 minutes in Bellingham to enjoy a stroll in a stunning park. It's a city for all, young children and their parents, and the elderly. Bellingham has 3 wonderful public libraries as well as our very own Jewish Public Library.

5*)   You! Join us today and be a part of making our community an even better place. Join the many other Jewish Families who made the move.