Appropriate conduct in the synagogue

Because a synagogue is a special and holy place it is only proper to conduct ourselves accordingly.

  1. Please remain silent throughout the prayer and torah reading services.  If you feel the need to talk, feel free to step outside and do so.
  2. No chewing gum, smoking, eating, or drinking during services.
  3. Please remember to turn off all cell phones, pagers or any other electronic devices (unless of course you are a doctor on call or anything of the like).
  4. It is also customary for all men (and young adults over Bar Mitzvah) to wear a tallit – prayer shawl, during morning services.

Are required and encouraged to wear a Kippah-head covering whilst in the synagogue.

Are required and encouraged to pray along in their very own special section.

Parents should encourage their children to pray along with the congregation without making a ruckus, or to join the children’s program (coming soon).