What do Karate and Hebrew Reading have in common you ask?
Karate is a traditional art that is divided into ten colored levels. Moving up a level is a proof of hard work and determination and is therefore a source of pride.  
Aleph Champ takes inspiration from Karate and divides Hebrew reading skills  into 10 colored levels. There are fun games and activities to help the students meet their goals. Moving up a level is Aleph Champ is a source of pride for students and this makes them self motivated to succeed. Self motivated students is a quality that is unique to the Aleph Champ Hebrew Reading program.

The Aleph Champ Program was developed in 2004 and has since become world renowned! Used in dozens of Hebrew Schools across multiple continents, this program empowers students to become confident readers.

Easily attainable levels and professional materials make Aleph Champ an incredible success. The Hebrew alphabet as well as the vowels and word formations were divided into 10 colored levels. The students start out as "White Aleph Champs", working their way up the colors of the rainbow to be a "Black Aleph Champ" like their teachers.

It is the goal of our Aleph Champ to provide the next generation of Jewish children with the dignity to walk into a shul, open up a siddur, and be comfortable enough to read from the Hebrew text and join along as a proud member of the Jewish community.

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