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                         Rabbi Avremi Yarmush





Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Avremi studied in United Lubavitch Yeshivah primary school, he received his High School Diploma in Judaic Studies at Mesivta Ohalei Torah before traveling to Migdal Ha'emek, Israel to continue his higher Judaic studies. From there he moved back to NYC to receive his college degree in Judaic studies in Oholei Torah Institute -Brooklyn, NY.

Education, Experience & Core Competences

  • Student Mentor and Teacher in Moscow, Russia.
  • Rabbi-In-Training at the Eastside Torah Center in Bellevue, WA.
  • Received his Rabbinic ordination after two years of intense study in Machon Smicha - Bellevue, WA (Led by well renowned Rabbi Mordechai Farkash).
  • A competent Chassidic Philosopher and lecturer


  • Rabbi Congregation Chabad.
  • Serves as a Rabbi of the Bellingham Jewish community and WWU.
  • Maintains a continuous monthly relationship with scores of community members and Jewish student.
  • Teaches weekly classes to dozens of  people.
  • Conducts Jewish life cycle ceremonials.
  • Lectures at local high schools and colleges about Judaism, spirituality, and Israel.
  • Provided hundreds of people with a deeper, more spiritual and meaningful connection to and understanding of the Jewish heritage, resulting in relevant life changing experiences.
  • Provides counseling to those with mental and physical disabilities as well as marital & family counseling.