It is our fundamental belief that each human being is created in the image of G‑d, and has a unique contribution to make in the perfection of Creation.  G‑d has chosen a people from among the nations to educate and lead the world in this effort.  Every individual is conscious of a unique relationship with their Maker — G‑d’s plan for Creation is evident.  We see a world in which each soul is able to fulfill the potential with which it is created.  




The Rohr Center for Jewish Life, an affiliate of Chabad Washington State based in Seattle, is dedicated to serving all Jews throughout Whatcom County with unconditional love and concern, regardless of background, practice, or affiliation.

Through various programs, the Rohr Center for Jewish Life provides the education and means to promote Jewish knowledge, awareness, and practice, which allows Jews to experience their Jewish heritage in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

 By encouraging every positive action of every Jew, and supporting the efforts of organizations, synagogues, and/ or groups consistent with our vision, the Rohr Center for Jewish Life will increase Jewish knowledge and observance.