Is what you think about Chabad


You may be surprised.

  • Every Jew-regardless of background or level of observance—is as Jewish as Moses and Sarah. We are pre-denominational-we are all one family. You are always at home with family.
  • You will never be judges or criticized about your Jewish observance. We view ourselves as G‑d’s salesman – not His policeman.
  • No questions are out of bounds. All questions are good questions. The only bad question is an unasked one.
  • The Torah is the inheritance of every Jew. It is yours. Feel free to claim it regardless of past experience.
  • Serve G‑d with joy! Every activity at Chabad is permeated with the joyous Chassidic spirit sprinkled with a healthy dose of faith and optimism.
  • Every mitzvah (commandment & connection) and good deed has its own independent, infinite value. Judaism is not all or nothing. Our goal is to add to everyone's "MQ" Mitzvah Quotient, by providing opportunities to learn Torah and do Mitzvot.
  • To grow is to live. However each individuals journey goes at their own pace. We at Chabad offer the tools to delve deeper and climb higher within the rich Jewish tradition
  • Love of our fellow is at the core of Judaism. If there is any way we can help you or anyone in the community materially or spiritually please let us know.
  • All are welcome whether or not you are a member. Money should never prevent a person from a Jewish experience.
  • We don’t have building dues or other such fees. We do appreciate you supporting us being that each Chabad center is an independent entity and financially self- supported. Our support comes from people in this community and remains here.